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Welcome to Jeff Arnold's new blog.

Ten years ago or so, Jeff started a Western blog on another provider - it's still available, if you're interested, at - but unfortunately the host decided to 'improve' the format, making changes such that it became extremely difficult to use. Stress levels became too high to continue.

So we've been off-line for some time now, since September 2020 in fact, and we've been looking for a new home.

We're trying out this one, and I hope that it is a good deal more user-friendly, and we hope readers will enjoy it.

The blog deals with all things Western. Principally, this means reviews and discussions of Western movies. We deal with all kinds: the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Great epics of the genre rub shoulders with humble second-features, singing cowboy flicks, spaghettis, silent movies, 21st century efforts, and any other film that qualifies. We actually have quite a free interpretation of what is and what isn't a Western - and that thorny question will be the subject of an early upcoming post.

But we also write about Western books, fiction and non-fiction, as well as landscape and settings and locations, and there will be discursive essays on such aspects as women in Westerns, the guns, the hats, the horses, and many more topics Western lovers will (we hope) find fascinating.

A series of articles headed The Westerns of... will provide career retrospectives of Western actors, directors, cinematographers, writers, and so on. Here too we won't only be concentrating on the great and the good, but also humbler every-day churners-out of the oater.

There will be articles on real Western characters and how they have been treated in Western pulps and on the screen (big and small). Outlaws, lawmen, pioneers and gunmen will populate these pages. There's still huge interest in the doings of these figures.

All in all, we hope that Jeff Arnold's West will gradually become a valuable resource for all those interested in Westerns in all their glory.

It will take time: the aim is to post an article every two or three days, and bit by bit build up an archive.

But a key element of this blog will be YOU. We eagerly want your contributions, your knowledge, your opinions, and we want you to share your love of and interest in the subject. So please leave comments and write in. By e-mail the address is

Just to say, lastly here, that we try to be frank, even blunt - we say what we think - but at the same time we strive to be non-discriminatory, open-minded, and we try not to offend. We are, for example, careful of our language...

So keep coming back, dear e-reader, for a taste of the old West, and we hope to hear from you.

All for now,


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